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Fire and CO (Carbon Monoxide) Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors that are monitored are often overlooked as a vital and essential component of one’s home and business security package. We invite you to consider these facts:

  • Many people disengage their retail smoke detector when the battery needs changing to stop the annoying beeping. While monitored smoke detectors still require batteries, you will receive reminders from us
  • Recent statistics have shown that roughly one-quarter of home fire deaths occurred in homes where smoke detectors were present but failed to operate
  • Even if you and your family are sound sleepers and do not hear the beeping of an unmonitored smoke detector to alert you to fire in your home, with a monitored smoke detector our monitoring station will have received signals and despatched your local fire department
  • If you are away from home, our monitoring station will respond to signals and despatch your local fire department
  • Your alarm system need not be armed for your monitored smoke detector to communicate with our monitoring station; we professionally monitor 24/7, even during power outages
  • Your insurance company may offer a discount for a monitored smoke detector
  • Monitored smoke detectors are mandatory in schools, hospitals, and many public buildings
  • There are no additional monitoring fees associated with a monitored smoke detector, simply the upfront cost of purchasing one
  • A smoke detector should be placed outside every bedroom, in hallways, and on every storey of your home

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless, tasteless yet highly toxic gas that is produced when flame-fueled devices such as gas ovens or heating systems malfunction or are not properly ventilated. It is, in fact, the leading cause of airborne poisoning.
  • There are no additional monitoring fees associated with a monitored CO detector, simply the upfront cost of purchasing one.
  • Our CO detectors take the most accurate readings of CO concentrations from low levels that over time may be hazardous to high concentrations that present an immediate danger.

CSG recommends that a CO detector should be installed in any room that contains a fuel-burning appliance (but not within 10 feet of a cooking appliance), and on every floor of the building.

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