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CSG are the proud recipients of the Burlington Post Reader’s Choice 2021 Platinum Winner award.

Free On-site Security Evaluation

A security evaluation performed by one of our representatives comes with a visit on site to assess your security requirements for your family or business’s unique needs.

Recent statistics tell us that there are nearly 300,000 reported break and enter incidents per year in Canada. Losses in homes without alarms were five times greater per break-in than homes with alarms.

Channels of Protection

  • Stay – All of our systems are installed with a stay feature. This feature allows you to arm the perimeter of the property while disengaging the motion detection inside the property. This allows you to move freely about your home or business with the confidence of knowing that nobody can enter from the outside undetected.
  • Away – All of our systems are installed with an away feature. This feature allows you to arm the perimeter and interior of your property with the touch of a button. Once activated, if a potential intruder were somehow able to breach the perimeter without activating an alarm, they would be confronted with passive infrared motion detection inside the dwelling to ensure swift detection.
  • Chime – This feature is not monitored. All of our systems offer you the ability to activate the chime feature which simply notifies you when your doors are being opened and closed. You do not have to have this feature on at all if you so choose. Excellent for curious young children opening a door without their parent’s permission. Excellent for the business owner who wants to be notified when customers are entering the property.
  • Police Panic – Your system will be equipped with a police panic feature. This feature allows you to connect with our monitoring personnel 24 hours a day. In the event you require police assistance, you simply have to touch one button to be connected live with one of our highly-trained monitoring operators.
  • Medical Panic – Your system will also be equipped with a medical panic. This feature allows you to connect with our medically-trained monitoring personnel 24 hours a day. Our personnel will assist you to the best of their ability while EMS and the Fire Dept. are on route. You have a guaranteed three and half to five minute response time in every major municipality.
  • Fire panic – A fire panic will also be included on every system we install. In the event of a fire in the home or business, you simply have to touch one button on the way out of the building to prompt a Fire Services dispatch.
  • Monitored Smoke and CO Detection – It is the opinion of CSG that all homes should be outfitted with monitored smoke and heat detectors. A monitored smoke detection device can not only minimize property damage, but along with its companion, a monitored CO detector, has been proven to save lives time and again. Our smoke detectors will activate an alarm upon the detection of smoke or a rate of rise in heat. Once smoke is detected, a monitoring agent will contact the property immediately to verify the emergency. If there is no answer the Fire Department will be despatched with a guaranteed response time. Likewise, a monitored CO detector can do its part in contributing to life safety.
  • Smart phone camera – CSG will provide a wireless camera that will sync with your smart phone and allow you to see and hear inside the property while you’re away. In the event of an alarm being activated, you will be able to see and hear inside the property while on the phone with the station to verify whether the alarm is real or false.
  • Text Me -If you have a laptop, smartphone or any web-enabled device, you’ve got everything you need. CSG will add a text or email feature to the system so that you can be made aware when your system is being armed or disarmed through electronic messaging.
    With the tap of a finger, you can receive text messages and email alerts.You can know exactly what time your doors open in the morning and close at night–know if the system is armed or disarmed, and know which codes are used when.  Great for tracking kids at home, and employees at the office. Receive a text that your child is home, touch an app on your phone and see and hear them inside the home safe and sound.

Switching Providers

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Respecting the investment that you have already made, CSG can offer you various options for upgrading your existing system.

Capital Security Group is committed to providing high quality and value, competitive prices, and ethical transactions to those who use its products and services.

“Thank you ever so much for the prompt and efficient installation of a company security system at our restaurant. Your service went beyond our expectations. The quality of your service and hardware speak for themselves and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Capital Security Group Inc. to any of our friends, colleagues, or fellow businesses.”

– Doug Baskott, General Manager, Jake’s Grill & Oyster House


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